Bàn Phím Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2021


Razer's sản phẩm lineup is all about gaming. From low-end rubber dome models khổng lồ premium models with proprietary optical switches, Razer has a keyboard for any người chơi looking for a high-performance model. Even their office-oriented models have gaming in mind. Regardless of what mã sản phẩm you spring for, you'll get a well-built unit withextremely low latency right out of the box. Since these keyboards all work with Razer's companion software, pairing a Razer keyboard with other Razer peripherals means you only need a single piece of software lớn customize your setup's lighting effects & other features.

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Of the over 185 keyboards we've tested, 23 of them have been Razer models, and below are our picks for the best Razer keyboards.

Tons of customization options. You can reprogram every key and set macros on most Razer keyboards. You can also phối the RGB lighting on a per-key basis. Well-built design. Razer builds most of their keyboards with hard plastic và a metal plate on top. Most models also come with comfortable wrist rests. Available in a wide variety of switches. Razer produces different proprietary switches, meaning you can find a keyboard with your preferred option. They make standard mechanical switches, optical ones, or even hybrid switches, which are rubber dome switches meant to lớn feel lượt thích mechanical switches. Software not compatible on all systems. The Synapse 3 software isn"t compatible with macOS. Some of their lower-end keyboards don"t have onboard memory, so you can"t customize it on Windows & use those same settings on a Mac. Expensive for their quality. Razer keyboards are a bit pricey for their unique and aren"t necessarily the best gaming keyboards. A brand like SteelSeries has more features on its models for about the same price.

Compared to lớn Corsair, Razer models tend lớn use fewer premium materials. Corsair keyboards often have aluminum top plates, PBT keycaps, và Cherry MX switches inside the boards. Razer models tend to lớn have a sleeker aesthetic, with less noise, bells, và whistles. Also, Razer's higher-end models use optical-mechanical switches, which have an adjustable pre-travel distance feature and a light actuation force. Essentially, you won't go wrong with a model from either lineup, so it comes down to lớn personal preference & the features you want.

Compared to SteelSeries, Razer offers a much wider range of options và models, with units lượt thích the Pro Type Ultra filling the productivity niche. That said, the flagship SteelSeries lineup, the Apex Pro series, is meant to lớn compete with Razer's flagship Huntsman lineup. Both of these lineups feature boards with an adjustable pre-travel distance feature và multi-input customization, though there are notable differences. The SteelSeries boards have a more consistent và accurate implementation of these features, while the Razer Huntsman Analog boards have an "Analog Mode" that gives you finer control over your in-game movements as the keyboards can emulate joystick controls.

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Compared to lớn Logitech, Razer has quite a narrow range of products. Logitech is a major manufacturer of keyboards for both gaming và office use, & their products come in a wide range of switch types, lượt thích membrane, scissor, & mechanical, while Razer units use membrane or mechanical switches. Razer does have a leg-up in that they use optical-mechanical switches, which have a greater range of customization over standard mechanical switches. As Razer products are designed for gaming use, they often have better latency, RGB implementation, và customization over Logitech.

Razer makes a good range of wired & wireless models designed mostly for gaming use. Their models are well-built và offer extremely low latency for a responsive in-game performance, but they often don't have as many extra hardware features khổng lồ make it worth their premium price tag. As a plus, they make their own in-house switches, which are optimized for gaming, and most of their keyboards come with a variety of switch types, so you can find a configuration that suits your needs right out of the box.

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Razer offers a wide range of excellent gaming keyboards & has some good options for office use. Their keyboards have excellent build chất lượng and come in a wide range of switches, but they can get pricey. Depending on what you're looking for and the use you want it for, you can likely find the right Razer keyboard.