gọi of Duty Mobile may have sầu been quickly overshadowed by Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: Warzone, but there’s still a place in the world for this portable entry in Activision’s long-running (and bestselling) shooter series. But when we’re all staying at home page due khổng lồ global reasons beyond our control, we don’t need to lớn restrict ourselves to lớn the small screen.

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hotline of Duty Mobile, being a Tencent project, works flawlessly with the gaming giant’s Android emulator, giving us a quichồng and easy way to play the technological feat on a machine with a bigger screen & superior controls.

The emulator in question is called Gameloop. It was initially marketed as a way for PUBG Mobile players khổng lồ get involved from their desktop PCs but has since become a hub lớn play a bunch of very popular di động games — Call of Duty Mobile being one of them. It’s completely miễn phí, legal, and won’t get your trương mục unceremoniously banned. Better yet, it can be configured to lớn add controller support if you’d rather play on the biggest screen in the house. Here’s how khổng lồ play hotline of Duty Mobile on PC.

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Using the Gameloop emulator


Known as “Tencent trò chơi Buddy” up until recently, Gameloop is the new name for this handy piece of software. A quiông chồng tải về and installation are all it takes to lớn get in on the action. Keep in mind, you can play other PC games using Gameloop, lượt thích PUBG Mobile, Aremãng cầu of Valor, or Smartphone Legends.

Now, one thing to lớn keep in mind is why Tencent allows people lớn play its touchscreen-focused games with a distinct hardware advantage. call of Duty Mobile detects who’s using which control scheme. Players are matched only with those playing the same way, eliminating the risk of having hardcore PC players stomp those sliding their thumbs around a 6-inch display.

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How to play Call of Duty mobile on PC


All you need lớn bởi khổng lồ play gọi of Duty Mobile on PC is follow the steps below:

• Download Tencent’s “Gameloop” Android emulator here.• Install Gameloop from the downloaded file• Cliông xã into the trò chơi Center tab• Click the Call of Duty Mobile banner or image under Recommended (you can also find Gọi of Duty Mobile by using the tìm kiếm option in the top right)• Hit Download

At that point, the tải về and installation should begin automatically. It might even auto-launch, too, so adjust your speaker settings if you don’t want the whole office finding out why you’ve knocked off work 3 hours early. Your Hotline of Duty Mobile PC experience should kiông chồng off from there, but there are a few things you can vị lớn cater the whole thing khổng lồ the machine you’re playing on.

How to lớn adjust settings through Gameloop


Within the Gameloop software, you can tap the three horizontal line inhỏ in the top-right khổng lồ find some essential settings lượt thích screen resolution, screen capture location, and even which rendering method khổng lồ use.


The settings under Engine tkết thúc to relate to the Gameloop window and the physical size of game windows. To change the active resolution of Gọi of Duty Mobile, you’ll need to lớn go into the Game tab beneath & tweak things from there.

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From a competitive sầu game like điện thoại tư vấn of Duty Mobile, we’d recommkết thúc lowering the settings as much as your eyes can handle for the smoothest experience. If you’d rather witness just how clean & crisp a Mobile game can look these days, feel không lấy phí to lớn crank things as high as you think your PC can take them. Just don’t go expecting miracles — it’s still at the mercy of Android optimization. You’ll probably want to lớn change a few settings within the game itself, too.

How khổng lồ play Call of Duty mobile with a controller on PC


There are various gamepads khổng lồ pick from when you want khổng lồ play call of Duty Mobile on your PC. You can use the Xbox One controller or the DualShoông xã 4. And you can vì this in a couple of different ways by using a controller or connecting lớn Bluetooth không dây. Ensure that you have sầu access to lớn the appropriate công nghệ if you want to use Bluetooth. After you connect your controller, cliông chồng Key Mapping using Gameloop (you’ll see this on the right side of your screen). You must select Gamepad instead of Keyboard. Lastly, kiểm tra that you have selected the proper method for you. This could be either Multiplayer, Battle Royale, OB, or Bar. 

A critical step is lớn also double-kiểm tra the secondary keys beneath the method options. Make sure you choose both Direction (left joystick) and Camera (right joystick). After you’ve sầu gone through this step, you can start using your mouse lớn maps buttons. From here, right-click on your screen. A blank selection will pop up. Once this happens, you’re không lấy phí to use any controller button khổng lồ bản đồ it to the game.


Continue mapping until you’ve mapped every single control. Even though it’s not necessary to map all buttons, it’s essential lớn make sure that you’ve successfully mapped all aiming, shooting, reloading, and jump buttons. After you’re finished, be sure khổng lồ hit Save in the bottom right corner. Then, we suggest loading a game so you can chạy thử out your new system. We recommend not using a controller since it can cause an annoying lag. However, it’s your decision at the over of the day.