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Yo PC Games is the world’s best web portal khổng lồ get the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night PC game within a few minutes. Mature users can complete this Platform, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure category game’s tough quests easily. This PC game was an instant hit after initial launch on Mar 20, 1997 date.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Overview

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Platform, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
Mar 20, 1997
PlayStation, Xbox 360, Sega Saturn, Android, iOS
Teen (PEGI 12)
7.1 out of 10
Side view
Single player
Action, Horror

About Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

You can play the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night trò chơi in both single và multiplayer modes. Platform, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure is the basic category of this PC game. Being updated recently on Jul 31, 2019 date, this PC game runs quite better now.

A seminal 2 chiều metroidvania in which after the events of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (1993), a man named Alucard arrives at Dracula’s castle after it rises from the rubble, and seeks lớn defeat the evil contained within it once and for all by exploring, fighting its inhabitants và collecting the various weapons and abilities hidden in its depths.


Enjoy a friendly competition with your friends in the multiplayer mode of the game. Above 10469 regular players have reviewed this computer game.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night begins during the ending of the previous game in the series, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, where Richter Belmont (Michael G.; David Vincent in the redub) confronts và defeats Count Dracula (Scott McCulloch; Patrick Seitz in the redub).<12> Four years later, in 1796, Alucard (Robert Belgrade; Yuri Lowenthal in the redub) arrives at the castle.

Inside, he meets Dracula’s servant Death (Dennis Falt; Travis Willingham in the redub), who warns him to stop his quest to destroy the castle and strips him of his equipment. He also meets Maria Renard (Kimberly Forsythe; Michelle Ruff in the redub), a seventeen-year-old vampire hunter who fought alongside Richter và is now searching for him, & the castle’s librarian, who sells items and equipment khổng lồ Alucard.

Periodically encountering Maria throughout the castle, Alucard also meets Richter, who claims khổng lồ be the new lord of the castle và forces him khổng lồ battle with two monsters.

Alucard defeats the monsters, finds Maria again, and tells her about Richter.

Upset, she leaves Alucard to lớn confirm it for herself. Convinced that Richter is under somebody else’s control, Maria meets Alucard again; she urges him not to lớn hurt Richter và gives him an tác phẩm that allows him to see past illusions. In the castle’s keep, Alucard confronts Richter và learns that he plans to lớn resurrect Dracula so he may battle the vampire for eternity.

Alucard breaks the spell controlling Richter. Dracula’s servant Shaft (Jeff Manning; Tony Oliver in the redub) appears & reveals that despite the spell being broken, Dracula will be resurrected soon. Shaft summons an inverted version of the castle.

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Alucard leaves Richter lớn Maria’s care và enters the inverted castle lớn find & destroy Shaft. Along the way, he defeats Death và eventually finds Shaft. Shaft admits he planned to over the threat of the Belmont clan by controlling one as the master of the castle and forcing them to lớn fight each other.

Alucard defeats Shaft, who reveals that Dracula’s resurrection is complete. Alucard faces his own father, who vows to lớn destroy humankind because Alucard’s mother Lisa was executed as a witch. Alucard refuses to lớn join his father in his revenge & the two battle.

Alucard defeats his father & suggests he lost the battle because he lost his ability to lớn love after Lisa’s death. Dracula quotes the biblical verse Matthew 16:26 (in the dub) and learns that Lisa’s final words were of eternal love for him & a plea not to lớn hate – or at least harm – humanity.

As Dracula vanishes, he asks for Lisa’s forgiveness và bids his son farewell.

Escaping the crumbling castle, Alucard rejoins Maria và Richter. Maria expresses relief that he escaped while Richter blames himself as the reason for Alucard’s fight with his father. Alucard tells Richter, “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to vày nothing,” (an attributed quote from Edmund Burke) & resolves to lớn disappear from the world because of his cursed bloodline. Depending on how much of the castle the player has explored, Maria either chases Alucard in the hope of changing his mind, or resigns herself lớn Alucard’s fate & leaves with Richter.

5037 average daily users rewarded this video clip game with đứng đầu ratings. This Action, Horror theme-based PC trò chơi has the potential to lớn be the best PC game of its kind.

The studio has launched this PC trò chơi to work without any trouble on platforms lượt thích PlayStation, Xbox 360, Sega Saturn, Android, iOS. It got about 14949 social truyền thông followers và many of them play this đoạn phim game daily.



Being a vị trí cao nhất performing PC game, it got 96.96 out of 100 ratings. It’s a chất lượng PC game in this genre because it offers TPP mode gameplay.

It was quite exciting news for all the fans, when this game was launched on Mar 20, 1997.

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10309 users have rewarded đứng top ratings khổng lồ this PC game. It’s probably the only action-adventure PC game from the Castlevania franchise.

You can tải về this trò chơi from below.