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I’m making this because it could fix problem’s that people don’t các mục on their own guides.

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Running DMC 5 On DirectX 12 will make it a lot better in terms of load time – But it will lag spike when you first launch it up. Everytime. So, how do we fix this? Well. That is simple.

Goto your DMC 5 steam folder. Mines located at: C:SteamsteamappscommonDevil May Cry 5 – & find ‘dmc5config.ini’. Mở cửa it with a text editor.

Then go find:


Turn ‘TargetPlatform=DirectX12’ into ‘TargetPlatform=DirectX11’. Save it ((Press ctrl S)) & go back lớn DMC 5. It should lag spike, but not as much as it did before.

Thing is. This causes a problem. Goto ‘2’ for a possible fix.

2. DirectX 11 Crashes?

This is a problem caused by the DirectX 11 INI file change. Usually it comes up with a crash message. Lớn fix this:

1. Nuclear Method.

Downgrade your nvidia graphic’s drivers. Recommended one; 457.51 Graphics drivers. This is a nuclear method because it Downgrades entire drivers. Be wary when you use this.

2. Good Method.

Maybe you don’t want to lớn downgrade nvidia drivers because, you play games lượt thích CB2077? Well. You can stay in DirectX12. Staying here does have lag spike issues. A good way lớn counter this is to lớn play the void for a bit of time & let everything stream in.

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 It should stop lagging after that.

3. Outragous method.

Buy a PS5 & purchase the special edition. There has been no crashes there as far as I know, và you get Turbo mode, Legendary Dark Knight, Vergil ((

1. My Method.

Go into your DMC 5 Folder, & go here: C:SteamsteamappscommonDevil May Cry 5win64_saveOnce there, backup your ‘Data001slot.bin’ & copy it somewhere, then delete the original. That, is what fixed it for me.

2. Dxwebsetup.

Goto this link: – And download the dxwebsetup and install it. This may fix your problem. I have it installed already.

3. Integrity Check.

Right click your devil may cry 5 in your steam library, & click ‘Properties’. Find ‘Verify Game’ và click it. Wait for it to do it’s magic, & see if it has fixed it.

Post Author: Robins Chew


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