Ever since humans have inhabited the earth which of the following best summarizes


Soal-soal toefl dan pembahasannya part 2.1.Mathematics...............my most dificult course. a.was b.were c.be d.amMathematics merupakan kata bendomain authority khusus yang di akhiri s namun bukan petunjuk jamak.Jadi,Subjek mathematics padomain authority kalimat di samping patut diikuti kata kerja perangkai tunggal was karena mathemathics kata benda tunggal.

Ever since humans have sầu inhabited the earth,they have sầu made use various forms of communication.Generally,this expression of thoughts and feelings has been in the form of oral speech.When there is a language barrier,communication is accomplished throuh sign language in which motions stvà for letters,words,and ideas.Tourists,communication is accomplished through sign language in which motions stvà for letters,words,và ideas.Tourists,the deaf,và the mute have had lớn resort to this size of expression.Many of these symbols of whole words are very picturesque and exact & can be used internationally;spelling,however,cannot.

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Body language transmits ideas or thoughts by certain actions,either intentionally or unintentionally.A wink can be a way of flirting or indicating that the tiệc ngọt is only joking.
Other forms of nonlinguistic language can be found in Braille(a system of raised dots read with the fingertips),signal flags.Morse code,& smoke signals.Road maps & picture sign also guide,warn,and instruct people.
While verbalization is the most comtháng form of language,other systems and techniques also express human thoughts & feelings.
pembahasan:You are asked khổng lồ choose the best summary of the passage,which means the statement that best tells he general idea.Choice(B)is the opposite of what the reading says.Choices(C)and(D)may be true,but they are too specific to lớn give sầu the general idea of the entire passage.And while you might assume that verbalization is the fasdemo khung of communication(D),the reading does not mention this.
pembahasan:"There"is an adjective describing"symbols"is a term that can be used lớn describe the motions of sign language explained two sentences earlier.

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pembahasan:The deaf,although they cannot hear,sometimes can speak,but the mute,by definition,cannot speak.Therefore,they could not themselves use oral communication.
pembahasan:Blind people cannot see,so choices(A),(C),and(D)would not be used by them.Braille is read with the fingertips(paragraph 3)
pembahasan:There are nine forms of communication listed in the reading:oral speech,sign language,body toàn thân language,Braille,signal flags,Morse code,smoke signals,road maps,and picture signs.
pembahasan:Choices(C)and(D)are described in the following sentences,so they can be eliminated.To"wink"is to lớn cthảm bại one eye briefly,and to"blink"is lớn cthất bại both eyes briefly.
pembahasan:The last sentence of paragraph 1 says that these symbols(sign language) cannot be internationally for spelling.
pembahasan:Sentence 2 describes the expression of thoughts and feelings as the reason for communication,which is introduced in sentence 1.

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pembahasan:Since the passage focuses on communication,it would be appropriate to use that word in the title.Choice(B)covers the passage"s topic while choice(D)is too narrow.


1...........the demands of aerospace,medicine,and agriculture,engineers are creating exotic new metallic substances.    a.Meet    b.Being met are    c.To meet    d.They are meeting Jawab :(C)To meet Key word :the demands of aerospace Pembahasan :pola infinitif phrase:lớn infinititive + object of lớn infinitive sầu.Kalimat tersebut menyatakan tujuan atau maksud.Maka dibutuhkan lớn infinitif phrase.Sehingga pilihan phrase yang tepat untuk mengitê mê rumpang tersebut adalah khổng lồ meet. 2.........James A.Bl&,Carry Me Baông xã lớn Old Virginny was adopted is the state song of Virginia in 1940.    a.Was written by    b.His writting was    c.He wrote the    d.Written by Jawab :(D)Written by Key word :James A. blvà Pembahasan :Kalimat di atas membutuhkan Adjedtive sầu phrase untuk menerangkan kata benda Carry Me Baông chồng lớn Old Virginny.Frasa adjektif yang paling tepat adalah Written by .Mengapa disebut frasa adjektif,karena past participle(V3) yang tidak ditemani bentuk be atau have sầu adalah sebuah
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1.There's a new oriental restaurant in town , isn't it?                   A   B                                         C            D jawab: (D)isn't it key word: there is pembahasan: seharusnya isn't there ,subject kalimatnya adalah there. 2.The government has decided voting on the resolution now rather than next month.                                  A                     B                         C                                 D jawab:(B) voting key word: decided pembahasan :seharusnya to vote ,decide adalah kata kerja yang diikuti lớn infinitive. 3.The professor is thinking to go to the conference on aerodynamics next month.                                A                B                                                   C                                  D    jawab: (B)khổng lồ go key word: thinking pembahasan: seharusnya  of going ,think of atau think about bertemunya dengan v-ing. 4.His father does not approve sầu of hyên khổng lồ go khổng lồ the
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                   Joyce Carol Oates published her first collection of short               stories.By the Gate,in 1963,two years after she had                received her master's degree from the University of                Wisconsin and become an instructor of English at the line        University  of Detroit.Her productivity since then has been (5)         prodigious,accumulating in less than two decades khổng lồ nearly               thirty titles,including novel,collections of short stories and                verse,plays,và literary criticism.In the meantime,she has                continued lớn teach ,moving in 1967 from the University of                Detroit to lớn the University of Windsor,in ontario,&,in                1978, lớn princeton University.Reviewers have sầu admired her                enormous energy,but find a productivity of such magnitude               difficult to assess. (10)              In a period characterized by the abandonment of so                mu

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