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Genshin Impact is an action-adventure, Anime-style game, with an intricate world and character design. Since its release in 2020 it’s become hugely popular, with over 60 million players worldwide. 

The game and its surrounding community is still evolving. So what vày you need khổng lồ know about Genshin Impact – và are there any risks? 

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Genshin Impact is an open-world role-playing trò chơi (or RPG) by trò chơi developer miHoYo.The open-world element allows players khổng lồ explore the world freely at their own pace – there is no one way lớn play. It has an age rating of PEGI-12, but no strict age verification process, so nothing stops younger children signing up. 

The trò chơi follows the main player – known as “the Traveller” – who journeys through the fantasy world of Teyvat in search of their lost sibling. The Traveller is also tasked with restoring order lớn the world after it suffered an event called “the Calamity”. 

The trò chơi involves battling monsters & completing quests lớn continue the story and open new world regions. Main story quests can only be completed in single player mode. In multiplayer mode you can explore the world alongside other players.

The Traveller is the mặc định character, but you can also collect other characters with different abilities over the course of the game. Once you have several characters, you can create teams of four & switch between characters. 

Teyvat is ruled by seven elements (for example, ‘pyro’ is fire, & ‘geo’ is earth), và each character has an elemental power nguồn they can use in combat. Part of the fun of the trò chơi is creating teams that combine different characters’ elemental powers. 

Completing in-game challenges và quests raises your Adventure Rank, which in turn unlocks new quests, items and raises the skill màn chơi of monsters in the game. 

Although it’s free-to-play, the trò chơi uses techniques similar to loot boxes to make money. 

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Genshin Impact’s world is expansive & beautifully designed, and the game developers release consistent updates to lớn the characters & weapons available. The trò chơi has a clear và engaging story that players are eager to follow. 

The multiplayer option allows you lớn play with up to lớn three other users at the same time, although you can only activate this after reaching Adventure Rank 16. 

It’s also available on multiple platforms – Nintendo, Playstation, Windows and iOS – và users can play with each other across different platforms và consoles. This flexibility is a big part of Genshin’s appeal. 

The game developers have a five-year plan lớn create new regions and characters, so new developments are in the works.