Magi season 3: release date, trailer, cast, plot & more

When most people hear the name Aladdin, they think of the Walt Disney Company"s famous interpretation of the Arabian prince. However, the character"s origins can be traced all the way back lớn 16th-century folk tales that have inspired various creators throughout the ages. Stories about the boy và his genie have even found their way into manga & anime, the most popular of which is arguably the "Magi" franchise. Similar khổng lồ other versions of the beloved tale, the story follows Aladdin as he encounters a genie và embarks on some magical adventures. In this one, he"s joined by friends Alibaba and Morgiana, both of whom are also based on people from those ancient tales.

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Based on Shinobu Ohtaka"s manga of the same name, a "Magi" TV series was released in 2012 and aired until 2014. While the show produced a spin-off in the size of "Magi: Adventure of Sinbad," fans have longed for a return to the original story. Seven years is a long time to wait for another installment, but all hope might not be lost after all.

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The third season of "Magi" is expected khổng lồ arrive in late 2021 or early 2022, but it may arrive sooner rather than later. According khổng lồ The NU Herald, Season 3 might drop as soon as this coming October. The release may have experienced setbacks due lớn the COVID-19 pandemic, và it"s still too early khổng lồ tell if real-life events will cause further delays. However, at least knowing that "Magi" will return to screens in the near future is something to look forward lớn — especially considering that many anime fans on Reddit thought the franchise"s on-screen adventures ended with the last season of "Magi: Adventure of Sinbad."

Another reason behind the delay could be the ambitious nature of the production. As the NU Herald report notes, Season 3 of "Magi" has a bigger budget khổng lồ work with, suggesting that the creators have been taking their time khổng lồ make sure the series delivers in terms of scope và scale. 

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The cast of "Magi" Season 3 hasn"t been confirmed yet, though it"s probably safe lớn assume that the original voice actors will reprise their roles. Kaori Ishihara — whose other credits include "Digimon Adventure tri." portrayed Aladdin in the previous installments, and fans will be hoping that she"ll make a return. This has been a busy year for Ishihara thus far, though, having lent her voice talents to "Combatants Will Be Dispatched," "Miss Kobayashi"s rồng Maid," đen Clover," và "Higehiro" as well. Hopefully, she"s made time in her schedule for "Magi."

Yûki Kaji, who voiced Alibaba in the series, will be another major asset for the third season should he return khổng lồ the fold. His profile has only grown since the last "Magi" adventure, having gone on to be a part of "Attack on Titan," "Psycho-Pass," "Gantz:O," "Weathering with You," & several other series & movies that represent the anime medium at its very best.

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Haruka Tomatsu, who played Morgiana, rounded up the main cast the last time out. She"s also had a huge 2021, appearing in shows such as "Horimiya" và "Peach Boy Riverside," but she"s bound lớn have some unfinished business in the "Magi" universe. It remains to lớn be seen if the original gang will return, but so far, there has been no information that suggests otherwise.

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Little is known about the plot details of "Magi" Season 3 at the time of this writing, but it will likely continue Aladdin"s journey throughout the world, encountering all manner of friends và foes. The series is about adventure, first và foremost, and the third installment is bound lớn feature plenty of them. Studio A-1 Pictures hasn"t provided any significant updates at the time of this writing, though viewers can probably expect more mature storytelling as the series has progressively gotten bolder with its tales. The second season dealt with themes such as war, political scheming, và social deprivation, which led to more morally ambiguous story arcs. With the characters now seemingly older and wiser in the next outing, the show can take more chances.

The previous seasons also incorporated elements from numerous stories included in the "1001 Arabian Nights" collection that originally featured Aladdin"s adventures. Season 3 is bound to lớn continue this tradition as there are still plenty of ideas to lớn mine from that source material & apply lớn an exciting adventure-themed anime lượt thích "Magi."