We waited very impatiently for Muramasa: The Demon Blade khổng lồ come out on Wii this month. The slashing action game has been enchanting us with trailers for months. & here it is. The die has been cast, our fate determined, and there was nothing that would have been able to lớn prevent it.

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Now that the game is on store shelves, should you be taking it home with you và giving it a loving home? Possibly. Why not let this review help inform your decision? It’s the very best one we’ve written about Muramasa yet!

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Still, the tale is compelling. The two playable characters, Kisuke & Momohime, both become home to the spirits of those who have mastered a secret swordfighting technique, called Oboro Style. Kisuke is a wanted criminal who has no memory of his past or why he’s being chased. Momohime, on the other hand, is a sweet girl forcibly possessed by a soul which desires to tear down the very walls of heaven. They are great characters, particularly Momohime, and the story is rich enough lớn keep interest maintained even if it is a bit poorly paced.

Each character has their own story that takes them from one over of nhật bản to the other. The stories take about eight hours khổng lồ finish each. Afterwards, there are opportunities to lớn fight in the game’s many bonus dungeons, some of which must be completed in order khổng lồ see each of the three endings available khổng lồ either character. Plus, completing the story of a character allows them to lớn access the quái nhân levels from the other character’s game, essentially allowing all content to be playable for each character.

The chơi game is decidedly simplistic. This is a very basic sort of hack-and-slash game which is made compelling not by the depth of its mechanics but the frenetic pace at which it operates. As you run through the provinces of Japan, you’ll have random encounters with ninja, monks, & oni among others. While certain enemies may have slightly differing strategies which are more effective, very little grace is required lớn kill anything và a player could easily traverse the first half of the game on button mashing alone.


The controls are tight và responsive, the way they should be in any action game. Three control schemes are available, allowing the player khổng lồ use a Wii Remote và Nunchuk combination, a Classic controller or a Gamecube controller to lớn play. I recommend using the Gamecube or Classic controller if possible, simply due to lớn button layout, but the Nunchuk controls work just as well and it’ll merely be a matter of player preference.

Muramasa features multiple difficulty modes. Mudo, the most basic level of challenge, automatically blocks attacks when you are not in the act of attacking yourself. This is basically for people who have never played a brawler before, và will bore more experienced veterans. Suro, where most people will likely find the most enjoyment, requires you lớn hold the attack button down when you wish khổng lồ adopt a defensive stance but there’s otherwise no difference. A third mode for the truly brave unlocks after finishing the trò chơi in which you have only one hit point before death’s sweet embrace.

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Overall, it’s a very solid title. Flawed, certainly, but a lot of fun to play if you don’t mind a little repetitive combat và a story that feels a bit slow.

Score: 7.0 — Good (7s are solid games that definitely have an audience. Might lack trả lời value, could be too short or there are some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.)