One punch man season 2


"What should I do, what should I vì what should I do?!?!" Garou thought crazily knewing that the people around him will now be able to lớn see who is he và what is his main personality. But in reality, he is an innocent person but seeing his version in the next multiverse, makes him worry & mind stutter himself just lượt thích Izuku Midoriya.

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"Are you okay Garou? You look lượt thích you lost all your money on a bet?" Kaminari joked as he just wants Garou lớn chill.

"Well uhm I-" he was interrupted by the portal now opening once again và people in the cinema watched as they knew that this is the god that will be joining them in watching the multiverse.

"Oh hi everyone! I"m sorry if I just came here without Garou"s permission." The god appears khổng lồ be named Momoko.She wears a one piece gown with a revealing top, a xanh corset vest with red stripes that is covered by a couple of metal armor plates. She wears elbow guards with blue & red stripes, & white gloves on her hands.

She also wears metal boots và shinguard"s. (I just changed her name so that you will feel different about this god. Và yep, it"s Mamako Oosuki actually but I decided lớn change her name for a little và her đáng yêu face turned to lớn a meme triggered me to lớn put her here in this story.)


"Awwwww!" Everyone cooed seeing this face make them want to lớn pinch her face or kiss her or hug her.

"You"re so beautiful Momoko!" Momo said as she was jealous of her bounciness và cuteness.

"Oh thank you Momo-san!" Momoko happily replied.

"Well, I think I should leave for a moment." Garou silently said.

"But why? Is there any problem?" All Might asked.

"Naah, just gonna get something from our world that I forgot. Well then Momoko, take care of them and don"t make any foolishness here are we clear?" Garou said as he now walks in the portal và the portal now disappeared.

"Is there anything wrong about him?" Everyone thought.

"Well everyone are you now ready khổng lồ watch this Multiverse?" Momoko asked as everyone now looked at the scene to lớn appear once again.

"One Punch man?" Aizawa asked. "Season 2?!" Iida yelled.

"Well uhm, we gods decided to lớn show you this multiverse since it is way cooler than the season 1 and yeah, one punch mean that you must watch already the multiverse right now!" Momoko muttered as she pouted again. (Damn that face!)

The scene now show khổng lồ Garou or Katsuki now being beaten up lớn death as he just defeated 8 low class heroes.

"Water....I need... Water." He muttered. As he was to lớn go inside of his hideout a blast just boomed behind him.

"Wait a freaking second. Does he looks like.........Garou?!" Iida asked loudly as everyone now shocked seeing Garou in this Multiverse.

As he now reveals his face by looking sideways, his eyes widen seeing another challenger wants to lớn defeat và eliminate him as the smoke still covers the unknown visitor.

"I came in response to điện thoại tư vấn for backup. From the looks of things, you"re the anh hùng hunter I"ve heard about." As Garou still widened his eyes now starting lớn realize that he is now about khổng lồ face one of the powerful S-Class heroes. As the smoke disappeared slowly, the man was discovered lớn be as Genos (Todoroki) as he now lifts his left palm with a charging power nguồn pointing at Garou.

"I"m going khổng lồ eliminate you." He coldly said.

Everyone shocked once again seeing now Todoroki now going up against Bakugo in this multiverse.

"S-Class? What is that?" Mt. Lady asked.

"Oh. S-Class are the powerful heroes in this multiverse. They have different goals to be a hero in this multiverse unlike yours & in this world, they are WAY STRONGER THAN YOU EVERYONE HERE." Momoko said as every anh hùng now watching is watching Todoroki"s version now already a anh hùng in this multiverse.

"How does they work as a hero?" Edgeshot asked.

"In this multiverse, you can be a nhân vật for FUN. And these S-Class heroes are the đứng top Tier class of the world"s strongest heroes in this world and even All Might cannot stand a chance against one of this S-Class heroes." Momoko replied making everyone shocked especially the heroes, knowing that there are also heroes that are way too powerful against them. Even the symbol of peace All Might was thinking if he was in that Multiverse.

"Hey look! Shoto has the same eye sclera lượt thích mine. It"s đen too!" Mina exclaimed.

"And vị I notice that he looks like a cyborg?" Rei asked concerned on her Son in this Multiverse.

"Genos or Shoto in this multiverse is the S-Class rank no.14 out of 17 and yes, he is a full cyborg & has different powers in this world but way stronger than the quirk of you và your husband." Momoko said.

Endeavor clenched his fist seeing the multiverse version of his son is way too powerfull against him and wanting lớn fight his version of his son soon.

"What"s his anh hùng name if he is a nhân vật here?" Midnight asked.

"Well, he is named as "The Demon Cyborg." Momoko replied as Midnight paled hearing that a nhân vật name that was given too him is way too brutal.

The scene now changes lớn Shoto và Katsuki now exchanging punches as Katsuki takes a step back and Shoto"s shoulders glowing some energy as he rises up & spins crazily as he attempts lớn land a solid kick right into Katsuki cracking the ground that Katsuki stood up as he managed to escape the attack và Shoto now charges to him again giving another blows of punches. Their punches and great speed making shockwaves everywhere makes the battle more intense as Katsuki get some space away from Shoto, he now charges with his special attack.

"Ryusui Gan Saiken!" (Fist of flowing water crushing rock) Katsuki now attacks as he now activates his power but was dodged by Shoto due lớn his speed. As Shoto now counters Katsuki"s attack as he now uses one of his special attacks. "Machine Gun Blows!" He shouted as he barraged many heavy punches lượt thích a machinegun does.

Everyone watched in awe as they saw the intense battle between two of the greatest students of Class 1-A.

"DO YOU THINK THAT ICY HOT CYBORG CAN BEAT ME?! NO FRICKING WAY!!" Katsuki yelled slamming his fists on each other.

"Tch. Vị you think you can outsmart a cyborg lượt thích me?!" Shoto coldly replied.

"Momoko"s right. They are overpowed here." Gran Torino said as All Might still watches the battle wanting to lớn learn more on how lớn match up himself to these S-Class heroes.

Shoto hits 4 clean punches on Katsuki"s gut making him grunt as his elbow now boosts up like a rocket lớn increase the nguồn of his punch right into Garou. But Garou dodges it in mid air và roundhouses kick Shoto crashing him in lớn the ground.

"Diiie!!" Katsuki roared as he tries to land a solid stomp kick but Shoto blasted a cannon to lớn stop Katsuki"s attack.

"Tch! You baited me on khổng lồ your trap. Pretending to lớn be dead but just firing a blast hidden from the ground? Genius" Katsuki said.

"Of course why would I lose to an idiot lượt thích you." Shoto coldy said as he stands lớn the ground lượt thích nothing happened or finding out that your girlfriend is alone in her house & wants khổng lồ have some exercise with her boyfriend.

Everyone snickered at what did Shoto do. "Hahahaha. I admit that was a badass move!" Kaminari said.

"Damn it, it didn"t hit him." Shoto said as his version"s powered attack missed hitting Katsuki as Katsuki smirked at him.

"Well I think I should use this now. Now... Those Moves... Remember that guy"s moves." Garou whispered as an image of Watchdog man (Mineta)appears next beside to lớn him.

"Who is that cutie?!" Ochaco asked.

"That is Watchdog Man, also an S-Class hero like Genos or Shoto but he is ranked in rank no. 10 beside Shoto và is stronger than the Demon Cyborg." Momoko said.

Everyone can"t believed again. Another S-Class hero and a stronger one introduced himself by showing an image of him.

"What"s his nguồn then?" Tsuyu asked.

"If you can move like a frog, then he moves like a dog. But his attacks are powered times 4!" Momoko exclaimed as the mutant quirk users paled hearing this increased power nguồn of their type.

"And it is me! I"m strong than you Shoto!" Mineta exclaimed but he froze in terror as Endeavor gives him a killer glare.

Katsuki now moves in 4 directions as he imitates Watchdog Man"s movements. Making Shoto gasped và Katsuki successfully breaks Shoto"s arm.

"Shoto!!" Endeavor và Rei both yelled in concern for their son and their creation.

"You know, I"m good at destroying things lượt thích technology!" Katsuki yelled as he takes away Shoto"s arm when suddenly the arm chokes him right back và pinns him to a nearby tree.

"What did you say huh?" Shoto said as he glared at Katsuki who also glared menacingly at him too.

"Meaningless." Shoto said as Katsuki tries lớn get away from the trap.

"Hehe, one after another. I really got your attention huh heroes?!" Katsuki growled.

"I don"t think so, we just so wrong at underestimating you but now, you will now know your place. & we are not gonna waste too much time khổng lồ nobodies like you. Because the hero Association đơn hàng with a bigger problem lượt thích the trùm cuối Association. Together, we must unite as one khổng lồ defeat them. Shoto added.

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"Monster Association?" Nezu asked.

"Uhm they are the rival association of the anh hùng association. Và there are monsters that can make your nemesis All for One their FOOD!" Momoko said as everyone hearing this, they want to throw AFO in that multiverse & feed him khổng lồ them.

"Uhmmm where is my Izuku here?" Inko asked worriedly.

"Oh he will show up soon, in a BADASS WAY!" Momoko cheered up the worried mother, making her smile.

"Tch! You think I"m NOBODY?!" Katsuki asked angrily but Shoto charges a powerful blast at him trying to lớn finish him.

"Incineration" as he fires this, Katsuki stomps his footing, making the tree break và successfully escaped. As he was released he scratches his head & bows with his head up looking crazily at Shoto.

"No nhân vật in this Association will match me. A Human Monster like me will only get stronger!" Katsuki said. "

"No such things exists" Shoto replied but when suddenly the ground behin him shaking up and now some lowly monsters attacks Shoto from behind.

"Protect the Human Monster!!" The yelled in unison.

"Oh noo!!" Kota sadly yelled as he was hugged by Mirio and received a smile by Shoto.

"It"s okay, he can handle things easy you know!" Momo said.

"What the?" Katsuki asked as a Flower type quái thú appeared behind him.

"The quái nhân Association is here khổng lồ help you." It said.

"Tch! like what I have said I don"t need your help. Now get lost!" He growled.

"No no noo. We won"t let you get away this time since our executives want you to be with us & joining them into our lair." The monster said while reaching for Katsuki when suddenly it"s face was slashed by Shoto"s blade. As he kills also the monsters who surround him

"Plus, I got stronger since yesterday. Because I was defeated too. Master Midoriya said that aim for higher khổng lồ train my spirit. I begin now lớn understand what he meant." Shoto said as he clenched his chest.

"Master Midoriya?" Katsuki asked. "If you consider yourself the Human quái thú that no anh hùng can beat you, well Master Midoriya is the Ultimate hero that no quái vật would stand against him."

"So Midoriya is the strongest here?! Cool!" Both Eri & Kota yelled cheerfully.

"Ultimate Hero? Sounds familiar am I right Toshinori?" Gran Torino asked as All Might finally smiled hearing that his successor is the ultimate nhân vật in this multiverse.

"Master? Well if that"s the case, I"m not against khổng lồ it." Shoto said as he was happy that his Master in that Multiverse is non other than Izuku Midoriya.

"So your his apprentice here?! Tch what a dumb!" Endeavor scoffed.

Shoto warned as he is now going for a powerful cannon attack but was interrupted by Bang (All Might) who kicked Katsuki out of nowhere.

"Shoto, can I takeover this situation you handle?" All Might asked.

"All Might?" Shoto asked as another huge quái thú appeared behind All Might but was interrupted by Bomb (Gran Torino) và killing it with his Martial Arts style.

"Senpu! Tetzusan Ken!" As Bomb unleashes it, forming a circular fist attack & killing the boss khủng by slashing its whole toàn thân via circular attack.

Gran Torino has one reaction seeing his version of his power in that multiverse. "WOW" he thought. All Might vomitted blood seeing how destructive that attack was.

"Is that a Martial Arts move too?!" Ojiro asked excitedly.

"Yeah & Gran Torino & All Might are brothers here in this Multiverse & All Might known as Bang here is the S-Class anh hùng rank no. 3. Which means you are also having a quái thú kind of firepower here." Momoko said as she expects lớn be barraged by questions by the audience. All Might after hearing that he is a brother khổng lồ Gran Torino, his legs started to lớn tremble once again.

"Really?" Everyone thought.

"Let me leave this to lớn me brother! You handle Katsuki!" Gran Torino said.

"It"s been a long time, now we have met once again. Katsuki! Now on your fighting stance!" All Might commanded.

"Huh....that voice again...?" Katsuki slowly said as a flashback of a younger him shouting at Sour Face (Sato) if he is strong or not but he fell unconscious due to hunger và tireness.

"Hmmm, Sour Face, can you give him something to lớn eat when he wakes up?" All Might requested as the flashback ended.

"So All Might & Bakugo are what?" Kirishima asked confused.

"All Might here is Katsuki"s teacher & Katsuki here is All Might"s greatest student but when Katsuki had enough of being with All Might"s weak students, he decided lớn beat them up and stepped down from All Might"s teaching as a Martial Artist. Now he decides to be a human quái vật so that everyone will be scared of him." Momoko explained.

"SEE?! Even that Multiverse doesn"t team me up with weaklings!" Katsuki yelled.

"Grrrrrrrraaaaaaargggh!!!" Katsuki yelled as he charges All Might with his all strength.

"Ryusui Gan sai Ken!" All Might said as he barraged Garou with punches that he did on Tank đứng top Master before.

"Those are perfect moves for both offense & defense." Shoto said as he watches the two former student/teacher fighting agains each other. "This match is already decided." He added as All Might punched Katsuki straight to lớn the face.

"How can you say so huh Icy Hot?!" Katsuki yelled.

Katsuki was send away and crashing on the trees behind him as he looks upwards he sees All Might charges him with a punch in the gut making the ground crack so bad because of the power. And All Might continuously punching the shit out of Katsuki.

"Shit.... I"m losing concussioness... I"m probably gonna die in this rate!" Katsuki said as he gets run away from All Might and running lượt thích a beast attempting khổng lồ use one of the unconscious heroes as a hostage but was stopped by Gran Torino.

"Not Happpening" as he kicks Katsuki in the face & sending him lớn the river of blood of the monsters.

"Eeeww!" Everyone except Katsuki complained seeing the blood of monsters being swum by Katsuki.

"Disgusting." Momo said earning a death glare from Katsuki.

Katsuki stands up back to his stance as he was charged by Bang & Bomb now both firing their techniques at them.

"Now I have to giảm giá khuyến mãi with Bang"s elder brother, the slashing steel bomb!" He thought. Katsuki now kicked in the face by All Might.

"Know the pain that my đứng top pupil Charanko (Kaminari) felt, Katsuki!" All Might yelled.

As Katsuki received the attack, he started to lớn talk once again.

"Screw justice và evil. Why always heroes win the war, how about the monsters?! In this world, life is really so unfair!" Katsuki yelled as The Duo tried lớn charge him again but Katsuki empowers himself.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHHH!!!!" Katsuki roared as The Phoenixman arrived in time just khổng lồ save Katsuki.

"Nani?!" Both All Might và Gran Torino said.

"All Might above you!!" Shoto warned as they save the Phoenixman slashed it"s wings down to create wind pressure to lớn put the martial artist duo out of the way and take Katsuki away from them.

"What the HELL IS THAT!?" Katsuki growled seeing himself being kidnapped by a birdman.

"That"s lượt thích All Might"s wind pressure." Tokoyami simply said.

Shoto steps forward & transforms his arms into a huge cannon aiming now at The Flying Beast who took Katsuki.

"Shoto!" All Might yelled but interrupted by Shoto. "All Might! He is a boss now! Now I will hit him together with that bastard to end this!" Shoto added.

"Woah look at his arms, it turned to a cannon!!" Hastume exclaimed.

"That is one hell of a power!" power Loader said, despite of his jealousy on Shoto"s Cyborg form và creating weapons easily.

"Hear me out! I know you are in there so protect us now!" The Phoenixman yelled.

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"Who is he talking to?" Ectoplasm asked as Momoko didn"t answer his question.

"Spiral Incineratiom Cannon!!" Shoto yelled as he fired a huge cannon blast to the