Want lớn fix lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy (Gameloop) emulator to lớn play PUBG di động on PC or any other mobile game on PC smoothly?

Tencent gaming buddy (Gameloop) is the best emulator to play mobile games on PC which requires a lot of resources to lớn run the thiết bị di động game in the emulator.

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The reason lớn launch Tencent Gaming Buddy was mostly to play PUBG smartphone on PC. Hence, it is known as the official PUBG emulator in the market recommended by the developer company Tencent itself. But soon the developers of the emulator started to lớn increase the efficiency of the emulator by running other games in it.

Fix Lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy Gameloop

But the emulator requires some high resource specifications to lớn run the games smoothly. If you have a low-end PC, there are a lot of chances that lag will occur in the games. Vì chưng not worry, you can fix most of the lag in the Tencent gaming buddy. So, you can easily play games on Tencent gaming buddy with no or less lag.

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How lớn Fix Lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy (Gameloop) – PUBG Emulator Lag Fix

How lớn Fix Lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy (Gameloop) – PUBG Emulator Lag Fix

Here are the best methods which you can try khổng lồ fix the Tencent gaming buddy (Gameloop) also known as PUBG emulator lag. Just implement each method mentioned below and then try playing the game in the emulator to lớn see the performance boost.

Set Your nguồn Plan mode lớn High-Performance ModeIncrease the Pagination form size of Your SystemChange the Priority of Tencent Gaming Buddy in Task ManagerIn-Game Settings to lớn Fix Lag in Tencent Gaming BuddyChange Tencent Gaming Emulator Settings Update Your Outdated Drivers lớn Latest VersionInstall Gaming Performance Booster SoftwareClear Unwanted Temporary Files from Your SystemUse Turbo Engine Mode khổng lồ Play the GamesEnable Virtualization Mode in Your SystemChange Your Graphics power Mode to lớn High PerformanceAdjust the Visual Effects lớn the High Performance TabInstall Latest Version of Tencent Gaming Buddy

1) mix Your power nguồn Plan Mode lớn High-Performance Mode

A computer is designed in such a way khổng lồ provide a better battery life by reducing the performance of your system. You can change the option to lớn High-performance khổng lồ provide more resources for your system lớn run the trò chơi smoothly.

Change power nguồn Plan to “Maximum Performance”

To enable the High-Performance mode, follow the steps below:-

Go to lớn your Control Panel in your device. Tìm kiếm Power Option in the search box.Click on the power Option and select your plan mode lớn High Performance.If you have a laptop, then you can simply click on the battery option in the taskbar & change the mode to lớn maximum performance.You had successfully phối the power plan to High-Performance.

2) Increase The Pagination size for Your System

There are certain spaces or memory that are needed for the system khổng lồ run the games smoothly. But the memory or space allocated lớn the system is always less. You must increase the form size of the Pagination files. But take care while deciding the kích cỡ of the pagination files.

It should not exceed more than your RAM size. Always consider the kích thước of the files around 40% of your RAM size.

Pagination Settings

To increase the kích thước of the Pagination files, follow the below instructions:-

Right-click on the My Computer icon và click on Properties. Click on Advanced System Settings located at the left sidebar.Head lớn the Advanced Tab. In the Performance tab, click on the Settings.Head to the Advanced tab next khổng lồ the Visual effect section. In the Virtual memory section, click on Change.Deselect the Automatically allocated virtual memory option. Then click on the Custom kích thước and enter the virtual kích cỡ for your pagination files.Set Initial kích thước and Maximum size to the same. Take care khổng lồ enter the kích thước in MB (1 GB = 1024 MB).Now, restart your PC and kiểm tra again if the form size is allocated or not.

All done. You had easily increased the pagination kích thước which will help to fix lag in Tencent gaming buddy.

3) Change the Priority of Tencent Gaming Buddy in Task Manager

There are lots of processes running in the background of your Windows. You can find all those processes in the Task Manager. The System decides the priority of the process to lớn balance CPU load & heating problems.

However, you must change the priority of Tencent Gaming Buddy lớn High mode which will help it lớn gain more CPU resources for the TGB. It helps a lot to fix the lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy (Gameloop).

Set Tencent Gaming Buddy Gameloop to lớn High Priority

To change the priority of Tencent Gaming Buddy. Follow these steps:

Launch TGB and any desired game in it. Open your Task Manager by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC on your keyboard.Go khổng lồ the Details section tab in Task Manager and tìm kiếm for Tencent Gaming Buddy. Once you find it, right-click on it và go lớn Priority and change the priority lớn High.Close the Task Manager and play your game.

Note:- You will have to lớn change the priority of TGM every time you run the application.

4) In-Game Settings For PUBG Emulator Lag Fix

You must not play the game in the modes in which your PC is not capable to lớn run it. There are certain in-game settings khổng lồ make to run the games smoothly in Tencent gaming buddy. If you have a low-end PC, then you must change the in-game settings khổng lồ the below settings:-

Graphics mode:- SmoothFPS:- High/ExtremeGame Mode:- Colorful Anti-aliasing:- DisableAutomatically Adjust trò chơi FPS:- Disable

These settings are always available in high-end điện thoại games lượt thích PUBG, Fortnite, call of Duty, etc. If you want to fix lag in PUBG di động then you can read the below guide which helps lớn reduce lag và ping in PUBG mobile.

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5) Change Emulator Settings for Gameloop Lag Fix

The Emulator settings are automatically done according lớn your system specifications. However, you can change the settings by yourself to fix lag in the Tencent gaming buddy. Certain emulator settings would help to lớn reduce lag in the game và run it smoothly.

Set the Emulator-Configuration Settings as below:-

Choose the Graphics Rendering mode to DirectX+Enable Render CacheEnable Prioritize Dedicated GPU if you have Graphic CardEnable Rendering OptimizationEnable Global Render CacheDisable Anti-aliasing modeChange Memory option khổng lồ the Maximum rangeSet the Processor to lớn the Maximum range.Change the resolution to mặc định (1024 x 720)Set the Dot Per Inch to lớn 160Select the Gaming Resolution to lớn SD 720P & Display option lớn SmoothAll done

6) Update Your Outdated Drivers to lớn Latest Version

In my case, I was able to lớn play the game lag-free due to updating my outdated display drivers and other drivers khổng lồ the latest version. There is a lot of software available on the internet which is free of cost và provides the best latest version for your outdated driver.

You can try Advanced Driver Booster which is miễn phí and always update their database to the latest version. Simply install the software from here and scan your device. Once, the scan is completed, it will menu all the outdated drivers on your system.

Install Driver Booster Application

Download all the latest versions for the outdated drivers simply by clicking on the tải về All. Once the download is completed, the driver booster will create a restore point & then install all the latest drivers in your system. After the installation is done, restart your PC & once the system detects the latest driver, uninstall the software from your PC.

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7) Install a Gaming Performance Booster Software

Game Booster software helps to increase the gaming performance of your system. It helps to lớn clean the junked files, remove faulty register keys, enable windows optimization, clear ram, etc which in turn helps to fix lag in the emulator.

You can tải về Advanced Gaming Booster & install it on your PC. Scan your PC. Once the scanning is completed, it will enable all the optimization required to lớn run the game smoothly in the emulator.

Game Booster

8) Clear Unwanted Temporary Files from Your System

Whenever you run any application in your system, it creates some temporary files, registry, etc. You need to lớn clean all the temporary files daily which will help to lớn increase the performance of your system.

Temporary Files in Run

To clean the temporary files from your system, follow the instruction below:-

Click on the Start thực đơn or press the Windows key on your keyboard. Search for Run and xuất hiện it.Type Temp in the run command & press enter. Delete all the files in the windows temp folder.Restart your PC.

You had successfully removed & cleaned the unwanted temporary files from your system.

9) Always Use Turbo-Engine Mode lớn Run Games in Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent gaming buddy (Gameloop) emulator has its engine to run the games smoothly for the low-end PC. This engine is called Turbo-Engine Mode which is different from the Standard engine mode of the emulator.

To run the games in the Turbo-Engine mode, directly run the games from the Tencent Gaming Buddy home-screen. Make sure that the (TOE) mã sản phẩm is written in the title section of the running game.

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10) Enable Virtualization Mode in Your System

Virtualization is one of the best ways to lớn increase the performance of your system a lot. It depends on the motherboard or your graphics card specification.

I was lucky because my motherboard has the function to lớn enable virtualization for the system even though I was not having any Graphic card. However, the virtualization option is not available on all devices.

To check or enable Virtualization mode for your system, follow the instructions below:-

Restart your PC. During Boot time, press the Del button to lớn enter the BIOS section.Head khổng lồ the Processor submenu & click on Chip-set và enable the Virtualization giải pháp công nghệ option.If you did not find any option lượt thích this, your motherboard and the graphics card vì not tư vấn Virtualization.Save the Settings and Restart your PC.

You can read more about virtualization from here. If you are still facing any problems while enabling virtualization in your system, then just ping us in the bình luận section and we will help you out.

11) Change Your Graphics power nguồn Mode lớn High Performance

Once you have installed the latest version for your graphics driver, rerun the system rating. Windows always choose a balanced mode for all the graphics settings. You can change it lớn Performance mode which will help to fix lag in Tencent gaming buddy.

Change Graphics power Mode to “Maximum Performance”

To change the mode to lớn High Performance, follow the instructions below:-

Open your Graphics Driver Panel. Head lớn Settings và click on the mode panel.Change the mode khổng lồ High Performance.All done, you had successfully set the mode to High Performance for the graphics.

12) Adjust The Visual Effects to lớn High Performance Tab

By adjusting the visual effect lớn high performance, it will reduce useless effects & processes running in the background process. It will drastically increase the performance of your system.

Visual Effects

To change the visual effects to high performance, follow the below steps:-

Right-click on the My Computer icon & click on Properties. Click on Advanced System Settings located in the left sidebar.In the Performance tab, click on Settings. In the Visual Effects tab, select the Adjust for best performance option.Click on Apply & your settings will be saved.

You had successfully adjusted the visual effect lớn a high-performance option.

13) Install Latest Version of Tencent Gaming Buddy (GameLoop)

If all of the above methods failed lớn fix lag in the emulator then you must kiểm tra whether your Tencent gaming emulator is up to lớn date or not. If not, you must update the emulator lớn the latest version.

To kiểm tra whether the latest version is available or not, xuất hiện your Tencent gaming emulator. Check for the latest update in the menu panel located at the right of the title menu,

Final Words

I had tried my best lớn cover và provide you with the best ways to fix the lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy. If the above methods did not work for you, then you just need to lớn upgrade your PC a little bit. If you find more methods to fix lag in the emulator, you can phản hồi below and share the ways with us. Bởi vì not forget to cốt truyện the post with your other friends who play on Tencent Gaming Buddy.

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Liked the article, bởi not forget lớn read such more lag fix guides which will help you to lớn boost FPS and reduce lag in games & emulators.

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