Unit 5 6 Reported Speech With Gerund And Infinitive


I. Aim: At the over of the lesson, students will be able to how to use reported speech with gerund properly.

II.Language knowledge:

1.Grammar: reported speech with gerund

2.Vocabulary: words appear in the exercises


IV.Teaching aids: handouts



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Date of preparing Period: 6 REPORTED SPEECH WITH GERUNDI. Aim: At the over of the lesson, students will be able to lớn how to use reported speech with gerund properly.II.Language knowledge: 1.Grammar: reported speech with gerund2.Vocabulary: words appear in the exercisesIII.Techniques: IV.Teaching aids: handoutsV.Procedure:Class11a111a411a511a611a9Date of teachingSts s’ adsentT’s & Ss’ activitiesContent- T. gives Ss some examples of direct speech, then helps them to change them into indirect speech, using infinitives.- Ss are required to looked at the examples lớn draw out the size.- T. also supplies Ss with some more reported verbs.1.Presentation: * Form: We use gerund in reported speech as follows.1. S + V + gerund. - Verbs: admit, deny, recommover, regret, suggest, ect.- Eg: Direct: She said to me, “I broke the vase of flowers”. --> Indirect: She admitted breaking the vase of flowers.2. S + V + preposition + gerund.- Verbs: apologize (lớn sb) for, dream o.f, insist on., object to., ect.- Eg: Direct: She said to lớn me, “I’m sorry. I broke the vase of flowers.”--> Indirect: She apologized (lớn me) for breaking the vase of flowers.3. S + V + O + preposition + gerund.- Verbs: accuse..of, blame..for, congratulate...on, prevent....from, thank.for, warn ..against, ect- Eg: Direct: Mary told Peter, “It was your fault. You didn’t tell me the truth”.--> Indirect: Mary blamed Peter for not telling her the truth.- Ss work in pairs to bởi vì the exercise.- T. calls on some Ss khổng lồ read their answers, và makes corrections. 2. Practice:* Exercises: Turn the following sentences inkhổng lồ reported speech:1. “You took the money,” he said.--> (accuse)2. “I stole his bicycle,” he said to the police.--> (admit)3. He said to lớn the police, “I didn’t steal the bike”.--> .(deny)4. He said, “I’m sorry I’m late”.--> (apologize)5. “I’ll drive you to the airport. I insist,” John said lớn Linda.--> ..(insist)6. “I’m happy to hear that you have passed the final exam. Congratulations!,” Jim said to lớn me.--> (congratulate)7. “It was nice of you lớn invite me lớn dinner. Thank you,” Miss White said khổng lồ George.--> ..(thank)8. “Don’t play with the matches,” I said to Jack.--> ..(warn against)9. “I must have made a mistake in the calculations,” said Mr Forest.--> (admit)10. “I’ll pay for the meal,” Sarah insisted.-->..(insist)11. Neil told us, “Perhaps we can go lớn Paris for the weekend.”-->(suggest)12. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t come khổng lồ visit you last summer,” Kate said to lớn her parents.--> (apologize)13. “I hear you won the championship. Congratulations!,” Said Dane.--> ..(congratulate)14. “We should take the jumper baông xã to lớn the shop,” Jachồng said to lớn us.--> (recommkết thúc + O + to-inf)--> ( recommover + gerund)15. “It’s not true! I have never been arrested by the police,” Larry said.--> (deny)16. “I always want to lớn be a rich man,” said David.--> (dream)17. The manager told the visitors, “Don’t stay at the khách sạn near the airport.”--> (warnagainst)--> (warn to-inf)18. “Let’s eat out tonight,” said Tom.--> (suggest)- T. sets homework.- Ss vì chưng the task at trang chính.3. Homework:Revise today’s lesson.Do all the exercises again.Comments: