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Platform Win, Mac
quảng cáo trên internet Daedalic Entertainment
Developer Mimimi Productions
Release Date Dec 6, 2016

It"s been a long time since the gaming world has had a classic stealth game.

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I don"t mean "stealth" as a broad concept — obviously we have plenty of recent releases, such as Dishonored 2Hitman, in that category. In these games, you often get a choice in how you take out enemies, & sometimes stealth just happens khổng lồ comes into play. New stealth is all about making the decision of how to approach for yourself. In old-school stealth games, you didn"t have a choice between covert and aggressive. It was mandatory to lớn stay in the shadows. Likewise, in Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, stealth isn"t just a way of playing. It"s essential.

Shadow Tactics is born from the style of Commandos or Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive: real-time strategy, top-down, isometric stealth games where the enemies stick khổng lồ complicated patterns and always pose a deadly threat but are easily distracted by shiny objects and booze. There can be multiple ways lớn complete a level, but in the end, you have to take enemies out one by one and hide them, or sneak around so nobody notices you. Evidence of your existence is a death sentence.

stealth isn"t just a way of playing; it"s essential

Developer Mimimi Productions was clearly inspired by other stealth games, but it has streamlined the genre through the addition of features that make missions more enjoyable. The ability lớn move the camera angle a full 360 degrees is especially helpful if you need khổng lồ peer around a corner. It"s clunky to lớn use at first, but considering the slow pacing of the game, it doesn"t become a problem. Shadow Mode, which allows the player lớn coordinate simultaneous actions between characters, is essential khổng lồ solving many puzzles in the trò chơi (even if it"s not a huge help outside of those specific instances).

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Shadow Tactics implements one other huge improvement to lớn balance the impeccable timing, multiple deaths and dozens of quickloads required to lớn take enemies down: a save reminder. At the đứng top of the screen, a flashing banner tells you the last time you saved down lớn the seconds. The longer you wait to lớn save, the redder the banner gets. This is one of my favorite features in any recent game. I realize that quick-saving is just a button press away, but it was nice to lớn have a game screaming a reminder lớn save my progress.

Wrap Up: Shadow Tactics is a return to form for a genre that hasn"t received nearly enough love

Shadow Tactics fills a hole in modern gaming by harkening back to a forgotten genre & style. It enhances its smart, challenging chơi game with likeable characters, beautiful art and clever new features. It"s a style of game that I haven"t seen done properly in more than a decade, & while it"s handled differently than classics lượt thích Commandos, Shadow Tactics packs in a wonderful team of varied characters và tons of ways khổng lồ experiment with your strategy. It"s not just that Shadow Tactics is a decent throwback; it"s an exceedingly well-done, satisfying return lớn a genre"s roots.

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