Truma: Accessories For Caravans And Motor Homes

Next generationMore compact, lighter, more user friendly – has improved its gas pressure regulators once again.

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Heat HybridGet warm và cosy fasterWith the new Combi 6 E, you heat in a flexible way and up lớn 25% faster!



As a result of its many years of experience, is an expert for camping heaters – for caravans, motor homes & vans.


Water systems hot water generators make hvà washing, teeth cleaning and showering matter of course in your caravan.


Gas supply

From gas pressure regulators lớn filling level displays for gas cylinders: gas supply products are safe & innovative.


Air conditioning systems

Enter and feel comfortable: air conditioning systems guarantee relaxing holidays without sweating.

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Manoeuvring systems

A Mover helps you manoeuvre your caravan khổng lồ its parking spot accurately và without any external help.

* iNet System

With the App, you always have an eye on your appliances, even when you’re out & about.

* LevelControl

Filling cấp độ sensor for gas cylinders sends measured values khổng lồ your smartphone or tablet.

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* Aventa compact plus

2200 watt cooling power in compact housing: Fits on any leisure vehicle from van conversions to large motorhomes

Combi 6 E

Hybrid version of the Combi 6 with additional electric heating elements for gas, electric or mixed mode. Dealer search

Extended parts warranty for Partners Exclusive sầu sản phẩm range Expert advice