Game Mode is a feature in Windows 10 & 11 that focuses system resources on games when enabled. Here"s how lớn turn it on & off.

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In our tests, we found that trò chơi Mode didn"t have a huge impact on higher-end systems, but if you"re prone khổng lồ multitasking or have lots of processes running in the background, trò chơi Mode could be useful khổng lồ you. Additionally, Microsoft has plans to lớn improve the feature in subsequent updates, so it"s at least worth knowing where it is.

Here"s how to enable (and disable) game Mode in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Enable (and disable) game Mode

You can also force game Mode to switch on in specific games, whether they"re tested by Microsoft or not. Previously, you could toggle trò chơi Mode in the Windows 10 và 11 trò chơi Bar, but the setting has since moved. To do this now, you need lớn use the Windows 10 và 11 Settings menu.

Open the Settings thực đơn by clicking the cogwheel icon in the Start Menu. Alternatively, you can simply type "Settings" into the Start menu to find it more easily.Select the Gaming section of the Settings menu.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)Navigate lớn the Game Mode section in the sidebar. You can also simply tìm kiếm "Game Mode" in the Start menu khổng lồ find it more quickly.Click to lớn toggle Game Mode on or off. Turning it off will ensure background processes aren"t impacting while running a game.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

While game Mode won"t make a huge difference for most PC games, if you"re prone to heavy background task usage, or you"re using a lower-end system without much overhead for games, trò chơi Mode could be useful.

It"s unknown whether game Mode has undergone any enhancements on the new version of the OS, Windows 11, but we expect it essentially has the same functionality. If you turn it on, it will try lớn limit access of background tasks to lớn your system resources, prioritizing gaming. If you turn it off, it will ensure background processes remain at the same priority. In testing, we haven"t really found that it makes much difference either way, while trying to lớn run games at the same time as rendering in Adobe Premier, for example. I think if you want lớn ensure that your system runs as expected, it might be worth simply turning it off.

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Game mode và DVR, in fact the xbox app kill my graphic thẻ o/c (even the one from factory). So it did a big fps drop in all my games, not fun at all :/
i tried trò chơi mode on world of tanks full settings just as a test, it did not vì any good,, FPS dropped constantly. I wonder how far this mode helps with outside Windows store games? game mode is good khổng lồ have tho.
Disable background recording. I use it with World of Tanks without any issue for recording with game mode activated.
Game mode is useful on my low over PC. I just keep Edge or any other tiện ích in background, with my game....And when my dad comes in........Fire 🔥 Alt+Tab....and because of trò chơi mode, my game remains intact and no longer crashes & hangs the system.XD
Game mode butchered FH3 for me. Increased loading times by about 10x and the trò chơi would freeze every few seconds for about 15 seconds. It also made all the background apps that I had running not go to lớn well. Took me ages to troubleshoot too, thought my rig was about to lớn die.
I thought that game mode was supposed to only be for non technical people with lots of junkware running in the background, and that it was counterproductive for power nguồn users with optimized systems?
Now if only they would release an easy way to lớn use this in non store games, on a keyboardless tablet, where it actually the most useful. Adding it as a toggle khổng lồ a desktop shortcut would work for me.Windows key G requires that you run the game in windowed mode, toggle the game mode via the virtual keyboard, và then change the trò chơi to fullscreen. Every time you run it.Please fix this Microsoft. Thanks.
Yes, you can record anything using the trò chơi bar, just click Win+G and click "Yes, this is a game" when the popup appears.
I get a high frame rate but I find this helps stop some of the little stutters I get every now & then.
Cant mở cửa game bar with Mass EffectAndromeda :( any help.Why does not MS create a trò chơi mode application, which allows to địa chỉ any game you want to lớn support
hey have you phối Mass Effect Andromeda on windowed mode or fullscreen window I have noticed that the gaming features don"t work if your game is full screen if it is not a windows game.......

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Game mode landed on one of my desktop PCs và thinks that Chrome is a game, always popping up & capturing all keyboard input đầu vào when I mở cửa chrome. I"ve managed to lớn disable trò chơi mode through Settings but there seem lớn be some keyboard hooks left in the system và the lower case "g" on my keyboard no longer works. I can get it to work temporarily by using a combination of win+G or just hit the win key twice, which makes lower case G work for a little while.USB keyboard, công nghệ bluetooth keyboard, makes no difference. Trò chơi mode has hijacked the "g" key permanently và now my computer is useless (despite having disabled trò chơi mode). I"m having lớn write this on a máy tính that magically doesn"t have this update yet.Does anyone know how to lớn completely remove this game mode update? (no, I don"t have system restore points to roll back to).