Asus zenfone 4 (a400): cách root, up rom gốc, rom cook, tiết kiệm pin, thủ thuật liên quan

Download asus ZenFone 4 Nougat Rom. Here is an easy và safe guide to install new update ZenFone 4 Nougat Rom. This is a nougat based ZenUI.

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Hi, asus launched Nougat Rom based hãng asus ZenUI. This is a Asus ZenFone 4 (ZE554KL) Nougat Rom and here is an easy and safe tutorial for install new update ZenFone 4 Nougat Rom.

Asus ZenFone 4 is a điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh which is available in Dual SIM with 5.5 inch IPS LCD. ZenFone 4 has a Dual 12 megapixel Rear camera with Dual LED, 8 MP selfie cameras with LEd Flash & runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chipset.

Download Nougat ROM Full Changelog for ZenFone 4

This is a asus ZenUI 4.0 and it is base on app android 7.1.2 Nougat ROm. Here is the hãng asus ZenUI ROM software Image:JP_14.1060.1708.70 for JP SKU only* details:

WiFi performance improvement.Camera IQ improvemen.

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1. Take a backup of your phone Click here.2. Your phone battery should charge 80% minimum.3. Read all steps then do it careful.

Download Rom và tools of ZenFone 4 Nougat Rom:

File NameDownload link
ZenFone 4 (ZE554KL) Nougat RomDownload
Asus ZenFone 4 USB DriverDownload
Asus Zenfone Flash ToolDownload

How to lớn Install ZenFone 4 Nougat Rom:

Methods:1Step 1: download ZenFone 4 Nougat Rom Zip tệp tin from above given links and rename it to Copy this tệp tin into Your ZenFone storage.

Step 2: Now Switch Off your ZenFone and boot into recovery mode.(Hold and pressing power button +Volume UP button)

Step 3: Now your ZenFone in recovery mode, Then choose to apply update from sdcard.

Step 4: Now select the file.

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Step 5: Now wait until the process complete và then Reboot the phone.


Step 1: Download asus Zenfone stock Firmware & Copy in desktop on your PC. Open hãng asus flash tool. Now, connect your hãng asus Zenfone device to lớn computer using USB cable and click on Disconnect option.


Step 2: Now, locate the hãng asus Zenfone stock firmware và click on Browse button.


Step 3: Click on Flash button lớn start flashing process. Now, Your device will restart automatically. Long press và Hold volume down and Volume Up button lớn Recovery mode. Your phone is going to Recovery mode.


Step 4: Now, under the recovery mode Select Apply Update from ADB và Click on Resume button lớn resume the flashing process. Once, flashing process is completed you will see restart your device and disconnect from PC.


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After install new update ZenFone 4 apk 7.0 Rom, you can root your phone because root allows you lớn use a maximum of your phone without any restrictions. After root you will install custom apps, Rom & custom setting in your phone. But first read Root Advantage and Disadvantage by this article.

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I hope you like this new update ZenFone 4 game android 7.0 Rom installation guide from which you will be able lớn easily install new update ZenFone 4 android 7.0 Rom without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use bình luận box. Thanks to lớn all.