Discover what improvements arrived in the recent Clash of Clans updates, and when you can expect any in the future


January 26, 2022:We added all the recent Clash of Clans updates

Clash of Clans has been an unmitigated success for developer Supercell. In 2020, it was still in the đứng top 50 highest-grossing apps on both iOS and Android ứng dụng stores, eight years after release. This is because, not only is it a great game, but there are consistent Clash of Clans updates as well. Whether it’s tweaks to balance or big overhauls, the devs have always made sure khổng lồ keep players coming back.

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These Clash of Clans updates aren’t all the developer do, however. The popularity of this addictive mobile game has led khổng lồ a whole universe of Clash games. First, there’s Clash Royale, which came out in 2016, and has had huge success since. At the over of last year, developer Supercell released Clash Quest & Clash Mini, & you can expect to see their upcoming trò chơi Clash Heroes sometime this year.

That’s a whole lot of Clash. But if you’re a tried và true OG die-hard, then read on khổng lồ find out everything you need to know about the recent Clash of Clans updates, và what we expect to see in the future (and keep the page bookmarked as we’ll update it with any new info as soon as it’s out). We’ve also got loads of info on Clash of Clans cheats, or if you’re just getting started kiểm tra out our Clash of Clans download guide khổng lồ get going.

When is the next Clash of Clans update?

While Supercell is yet khổng lồ announce any major Clash of Clans updates for 2022, we can look back to lớn last year khổng lồ make an educated guess as lớn when we’ll see some big changes.

The first big update of 2021 was an optional update in April. So, if they follow that same pattern, then we should see Supercell pushing out a new Clash of Clans update in April 2022. Of course, if they do, we’ll have all the updates on this page, so keep it bookmarked for future reference.

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Clash of Clans updates

Clash of Clans update – January 2022

There were some small tweaks in a recent January update, mostly some adjustments khổng lồ units’ HP. Head to lớn the Clash of Clans update page for all the details.

Clash of Clans update – Winter 2021

Winter 2021 saw a big range of changes, with new units, new levels, changes khổng lồ star bonuses, & certain balance tweaks. There’s quite a lot, so find all the details on this Clash of Clans update in the tweet below.

A new Super Troop, a new Siege Machine, new Levels, and more! See what’s new this December!

🔥 🔥

— Clash of Clans (
ClashofClans) December 9, 2021

That’s all the recent Clash of Clans updates, but there’s bound lớn be more, so come back here for all the latest info.If you’re looking for a change, head khổng lồ our Clash Royale download guide to lớn keep things within the wacky Clash universe.

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